Venus Raj wants to work on show business

•08/31/2010 • 7 Comments

Maria Venus Raj the Miss Universe 4th runner-up affirms on “The Buzz” that she is open for possibility on joining show business. Raj on her interview with the three hosts of The Buzz says that it’s okay for her to work on show business.

As of the present, rumors are being extensive that Raj will show in “Magkaribal” the ABS-CBN primetime “fashion-serve” but Raj react on this story that she really don’t know yet if she will be included on the casts of “Magkaribal”.

Furthermore, Raj says that if she will be given a chance to join one of the Kapamilya network shows she wants Coco Martin her showbiz crush to be her leading man.

After winning the Miss Universe 2010 pageant as 4th runner-up that was held on Las Vegas, Nevada Raj says that her life was instantly change.


Chinese Embassy disapproved the draping of Philippine flag: Philippine Hostage Taker

•08/27/2010 • 3 Comments

After the hostage taking last Monday now the Chinese embassy strongly disapproved the wrapping of the Philippine national flag on the casket of the lifeless hostage-taker Rolando Mendoza.

The embassy said that the person who deserves a draping of a national flag at funeral is that someone who have done heroism, decency and integrity.

Mendoza does not have these qualities he wreaks act of violence on the innocent hostage lives, the embassy added.

The police hostage taker casket was being half-covered with a Philippine flag at the Tanauan, Batangas and it was showed on TV. Mendoza captured hostage 25 people at the Rizal Park, Manila inside a tourist bus. He himself and other 8 hostages are killed on the hostage crisis.

The Last Exorcism of Ashley Bell

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Now a day’s a lot of movies are coming out and most of the best-selling are those who have a very great eye-popping digital effects.

But this movie of Ashley Bell the actress of this week movie release “The Last Exorcism” is entirely different this had a very imposing image at the end of her movie trailer.  Imagine without the special effects without the CGI without the puppets Ashley herself made the best bend of her body on its impossible angle. What an incredible position she made on this movie.

This is the first leading movie role of Ashley Bell a 24 year-old she comes from a family of actors. Michael Bell the father of Ashley is one of the voices of the cartoons like “The Smurfs” and “G.I. Joe” since 1970’s. The mother of Ashley who is Victoria Carroll was a member of “The Groundlings” the Hollywood’s renowned improvisational comedy troupe.

The producer of the movie Eli Roth says that all of the things that are happening on the screen will look as real as feasible and Ashley did it completely. For this movie of Ashley we haven’t used make ups, CGI or even special effects on her scenes it’s totally Ashley Bell itself, Eli Roth added.

The opening for this movie will be this coming Friday (American Time).

Alaska Aces wins against San Miguel Beer (SMB) on their Championship Game

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Tim Cone the Alaska Aces Coach pleased the triumph of his team for gaining the crown as the 2010 PBA Fiesta Conference Champion.

Cone says that their success means a lot to him as a coach. For all the great coaches and for all the heaviest team that they’ve faced it’s a great success for him as a coach that they’ve given a chance to win.

This time was the 13th championship achievement for Mr. Cone they win in the score of 102 – 88 over the San Miguel Beer (SMB) last night Wednesday.

The Alaska team owner who is Wilfred Uytengsu, Jr. dedicated the latest PBA crown to his beloved father Wilfred Uytengsu, Sr. whose deceased last April 18.

Cyprus Baguio and LA Tenorio were the one who declared and garnered as the co-Finals Most Valuable Players (MVP). Tenorio gained 12 points and 11 assists on the game while Baguio got 24 points and 2 steals.

For the San Miguel Beer team their PBA Best Import Player who is Gabe Freeman scores 32 points and it was added by Arwin Santos by 16 points and Mick Pennisi of 12 points.

The Top-grossing animated film Worldwide

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The Disney / Pixar’s newest 3D toon movie “Toy Story 3” casted Woody and his companions go beyond the Paramount / DreamWorks “Shrek 2” as the top-grossing animated film worldwide. This is one of the top-grossing films on Disney.

It was publicized by the Walt Disney Studios that the “Toy Story 3” got $920 million while “Shrek 2” got only $919.8 million this is already based on global box office.

The 3D movie is now the fourth highest grossing film globally in Disney.

Domestically Toy Story 3 already up the gross of $400 million and this is the second film from Disney hit that level. And in just North America Toy Story 3 was recorded as the highest-grossing film in just a week from opening the movie got a gross of $109 million.

This incoming month of November will be the released on Blu-ray and DVD copies on “Toy Story 3.”

Anniversary Celebration!

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It’s a Saturday morning, August 14 and about 11:30am most of my batch mates of the company that we are in presently are gathering for a meeting and that was about on our Anniversary Celebration. A lot of suggestions are shared but of course we just need only one decision to make and one place to decide where we should celebrate our anniversary.

But the time was not that long to decide the best decision that’s why it’s still hanging and not yet fixed. And because we are all hungry and we need to have rest since we are coming from a physical activity everybody needs to go home for a rest and to have lunch.

Each of us was already assigned what to bring on the said celebration anyways it’s a brought and share party. The group was agreed that at 6:00 in the evening everybody should be at the place where the group suggested and that place is in the building where our company is there.

But unfortunately many are late but it’s still okay because we know and we already accept it in ourselves that we are Filipinos and everybody knows about “Filipino Time”. LOL!  On the place that the group gathered again the group suggested many beach’s wherein it’s safe and fun of course. For a long period of time discussing and suggesting places the group was now decide and chooses “San Pedro Beach Resort”.

The place was okay at that night it’s just two groups that are there to overnight and one of which are us. We’ve been there around 9:00pm at the area.

Here are the people who really gave their time and effort to have on that party:

  • Astang B (Andrei)
  • Cha-Cha
  • Flor
  • Jeannie
  • Ahmela
  • Frankie
  • Bernie
  • Joseph
  • Lovelyn
  • Mimai
  • LJ

The party was great and fun especially when Astang B dances on the dance floor. LOL!

Beyonce not yet ready to have kids?

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Beyonce Knowles speaks out about her plans with her husband Jay-Z on her interview with The Daily Mail that she is not in a rush to have a baby and became a mother someday. The 28 year-old singer Beyonce Knowles added that there is no time and dates it will just happen if I’m ready to have it.

Beyonce says also that she is discovering more things about her life although that she knows about herself already, she knows what she likes and of course what she want but still she needs time for everything.

The singer continues that she’s just like the other woman who has a husband, a child and a job and she think that this is the hardest thing of being a mother or a woman because a lot of responsibilities will be handled.

She always repeated the word “time” because as she said time is her biggest challenge in her life.