The Last Exorcism of Ashley Bell

Now a day’s a lot of movies are coming out and most of the best-selling are those who have a very great eye-popping digital effects.

But this movie of Ashley Bell the actress of this week movie release “The Last Exorcism” is entirely different this had a very imposing image at the end of her movie trailer.  Imagine without the special effects without the CGI without the puppets Ashley herself made the best bend of her body on its impossible angle. What an incredible position she made on this movie.

This is the first leading movie role of Ashley Bell a 24 year-old she comes from a family of actors. Michael Bell the father of Ashley is one of the voices of the cartoons like “The Smurfs” and “G.I. Joe” since 1970’s. The mother of Ashley who is Victoria Carroll was a member of “The Groundlings” the Hollywood’s renowned improvisational comedy troupe.

The producer of the movie Eli Roth says that all of the things that are happening on the screen will look as real as feasible and Ashley did it completely. For this movie of Ashley we haven’t used make ups, CGI or even special effects on her scenes it’s totally Ashley Bell itself, Eli Roth added.

The opening for this movie will be this coming Friday (American Time).


~ by Frankie on 08/26/2010.

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