The Top-grossing animated film Worldwide

The Disney / Pixar’s newest 3D toon movie “Toy Story 3” casted Woody and his companions go beyond the Paramount / DreamWorks “Shrek 2” as the top-grossing animated film worldwide. This is one of the top-grossing films on Disney.

It was publicized by the Walt Disney Studios that the “Toy Story 3” got $920 million while “Shrek 2” got only $919.8 million this is already based on global box office.

The 3D movie is now the fourth highest grossing film globally in Disney.

Domestically Toy Story 3 already up the gross of $400 million and this is the second film from Disney hit that level. And in just North America Toy Story 3 was recorded as the highest-grossing film in just a week from opening the movie got a gross of $109 million.

This incoming month of November will be the released on Blu-ray and DVD copies on “Toy Story 3.”


~ by Frankie on 08/18/2010.

4 Responses to “The Top-grossing animated film Worldwide”

  1. Shaks! napanood ko to at sobrang iyak ko hindi ko maipaliwanag pero naiyak ako ng bonggang bongga ahhahaha tpos paguwi ko sa bahay inayos ko ung mga laruan ko na free sa valuemeal ahahaha

  2. Certainly, like inception, this is one of the best movie this year and one of the newest 10 top BO hit movies of all time.

  3. Wow I really love this movie..!! This is such a great movie… Thanx for this post… 😀

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