Anniversary Celebration!

It’s a Saturday morning, August 14 and about 11:30am most of my batch mates of the company that we are in presently are gathering for a meeting and that was about on our Anniversary Celebration. A lot of suggestions are shared but of course we just need only one decision to make and one place to decide where we should celebrate our anniversary.

But the time was not that long to decide the best decision that’s why it’s still hanging and not yet fixed. And because we are all hungry and we need to have rest since we are coming from a physical activity everybody needs to go home for a rest and to have lunch.

Each of us was already assigned what to bring on the said celebration anyways it’s a brought and share party. The group was agreed that at 6:00 in the evening everybody should be at the place where the group suggested and that place is in the building where our company is there.

But unfortunately many are late but it’s still okay because we know and we already accept it in ourselves that we are Filipinos and everybody knows about “Filipino Time”. LOL!  On the place that the group gathered again the group suggested many beach’s wherein it’s safe and fun of course. For a long period of time discussing and suggesting places the group was now decide and chooses “San Pedro Beach Resort”.

The place was okay at that night it’s just two groups that are there to overnight and one of which are us. We’ve been there around 9:00pm at the area.

Here are the people who really gave their time and effort to have on that party:

  • Astang B (Andrei)
  • Cha-Cha
  • Flor
  • Jeannie
  • Ahmela
  • Frankie
  • Bernie
  • Joseph
  • Lovelyn
  • Mimai
  • LJ

The party was great and fun especially when Astang B dances on the dance floor. LOL!


~ by Frankie on 08/17/2010.

10 Responses to “Anniversary Celebration!”

  1. Nice one Frank…

    Mga lingaw sa mga wlay lingaw… hehee…

  2. Wow! Nice kaau ang mga piktyur..hehe.hapi-hapi 🙂 Thanks frank for posting, I’ll never forget that night. 😀

  3. hope next time complete nata..hehe.. i had so much fun w/ this.. i enjoyed being with my batchmates and making some crazy things..tnx for blogging it handsome.. ur igatan loves u sooooooooo much… w/ her…i trust youuuuuuu..

    • Yep i always do that.. I always take good care of her… Don’t you worry pretty pink ako na bahala neh igatan… 😀

      Lagi unta ma complete nata next anniv kana if still naa lng japon tah tnan… 😀

  4. nindot ang pix..thanks sa technology, naEnhance ang dapat iEnhance..haha
    maski super late nakaStart..nindot japun ang celebration..,^^
    hope for the coming years….super complete na keu jud ta sa mga tanan…aw

    Happy Anniversary Stickers! 😀
    u make life worth CDO (char)
    Godbless sa tanan.. 🙂

  5. ahahahaha. nalingaw jud ko sa mga pictures ninyO.. ahahaha. jokerr kau astang..
    @tang: hinay2 pud dinha uip. murag imu man na nga party
    @jen:Hubog na ang bata nyahahaha.. peace
    @cha: pa cute jud kau ka. ahahahaha.. ai cute diay..
    @flordelolo:ahahaha.. mura jud ka gasayaw tan-awon.. ahehehe…\m/ you rock…
    @frank: ahem. unsa man na daghan kau tsansing moments… ahehehe.. wala man lang mo nag txt.. crush party unta ko…

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