Pacquiao declared as number one pound-for-pound boxer!

Last May 2010 the Filipino Boxing Superstar Manny Pacquiao losses the top 1 rank in the field of boxing by Floyd Mayweather Jr. but he regained his status as the number 1 pound-for-pound boxer based on Yahoo! Sports ranking this month of August.

The Filipinos champ Manny Pacquiao obtain 21 of 36 first place votes so all and all it’s 345  points this is based on the polling result this month of August according to Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports. Pacquiao got 15 points to the lead of his closest rival who is Mayweather Jr. The zero loss American boxer gathered 15 of 36 first place votes in a total of 330 points.

According to Iole the result was affected by the Pacquiao – Mayweather negotiation. This is when Mayweather side rejects the offer to fight Pacquiao this coming November 13. A lot of voters disappointed on that refusal. People were expecting a super big fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather but Mayweather losses that opportunity.

Not just in Yahoo! Sports were Pacquiao declared as number 1 pound-for-pound boxer but also in Ring Magazine he is also in Top Spot.

Here are the Yahoo! Sports top 10 pound-for-pound lists:

Top 3  –  Paul Williams (230 points)
Top 4  –  Juan Manuel Marquez (194 points)
Top 5  –  Chad Dawson (168 points)
Top 6  –  Sergio Martinez (143 points)
Top 7  –  Timothy Bradley (83 points)
Top 8  –  Wladimir Klitschko (82 points)
Top 9  –  Juan Manuel Lopez (64 points)
Top 10  –  Andre Ward (61 points)


~ by Frankie on 08/13/2010.

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