Will there be a second chance?

I’m asking for an apology for the things that I’ve done for making my actions uncontrolled this is the biggest mistake I’ve ever done to you. And now you finally know me you already recognized who I’m will there be a second chance?

I know that I hurt you so bad your heart bleeding to the actions that I have made but it’s not just only you who feel like that me too  that’s why I want you to talk heart to heart. Forgive me for I’m just a human I can make mistake and I’m not perfect but I can change I can do everything just to make you happy again to regain the joyful that you have felt when we are together.

This is the hardest trouble that I have made at the moment. I know I can solve it ‘coz everything can be solved but I’m asking you not to change I want to be as you are when I first have you when I first fell you that you’re already in my arms.

Forgive me I will do everything to recall those days that we have before. I love you.


~ by Frankie on 08/03/2010.

2 Responses to “Will there be a second chance?”

  1. emo post ito huhuhu.

    lahat may second chance. sana sincere ka sa paghingi ng sori sa kanya. hala cge na kausapin mo na sia puso sa puso 😛

    • Sana nga maya ko pa xa kakausapin pagkatapos ng shift ko andito pa kasi ako sa office I’m hoping tlaga to make everything fine sana ma okay na ang lahat pagkatapos nito….

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