The change of life!

When I was on my college years my only route are just school, boarding house and computer shop. I admit that I was an addict gamer before every time I have a vacant time after school I go always automatically to the near computer shop in our school. Sometimes I can’t eat my breakfast, lunch or even dinner because for me that time money is just for online games no budget for foods.

So for those who are newly PC gamers addict please take care of yourself its okay to play online or offline games but take time also to eat.

On my college years I played more than 4 online games and almost all offline games. But if you are thinking that I set aside my studies just of this addiction will it’s not what you think. I also go to school to study but occasionally even I’m inside the room I sometimes think also on my friends outside playing games and I get jealous.

I once asking myself why am I here? I want to enjoy, I want happiness but it was change after joining and get active on the organizations that I’ve entered. Yes! Everything is changing although I go out to play games but it’s not like before that I can’t eat just because of that addiction. I now then join the school activities that are conducted by our organization I’m now happy  joining my friends inside the school but I’m not saying that I’m not happy with my friends outside.

And I would like to give thanks to my online gamer friends because they gave me happiness when I was first get into college. I just want to say this thing that it’s also better to have friends not just good but bad also so that you would know what their differences. And so that you would also know what are the advantages and disadvantages for both friends but just make sure that you can manage yourself. Yes it’s better to be good but not always, camouflage with the people around you. I’m sure that would make you unique to one and all.


~ by Frankie on 08/02/2010.

6 Responses to “The change of life!”

  1. lagi akong nosebleed dito hahaha

    Yes it’s better to be good but not always, camouflage with the people around you. I’m sure that would make you unique to one and all. <<< sama akong sampu dito

  2. Hehehehe… Bkit nman mag nosebleed? Waaaahhh dami nman nyan sampo pa…! 😀

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    Is this possible?

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