The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment

We all know that love is liking or a passionate affection to another person. How will we know that this is love? If I will be the one to answer this I maybe say that if we find happiness to that person or we are comfortable with that individual I maybe say that what we’ve feel is love. Will, anyways love is always depends on how we feel until now love is still mysterious it’s undefined.

When we are committed to the person whom we loved it doesn’t mean we are tied. All of us has a freedom to be happy so don’t let others controls us unless if we are happy to it. We are searching for happiness and for us happiness is also on the world of love. We need someone who understands who we really are, and we need someone who is always there to defend us or to help us when we are in trouble.

It’s a happy feeling if we are in love to someone else who also loved us. This is what we want this is all we need being in love is being happy. This is the joy that we wanted to achieve this is real love this is the real happiness.


~ by Frankie on 07/30/2010.

11 Responses to “The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment”

  1. Merong nagmamahal sa atin kahit minsan nakakalimutan natin siya. Siya ang ating tagapagligtas. Dahil sia mismo ay pag-ibig.

    Dumaan lang naki comment na rin.

  2. hmm..yeah so true. I’m missing someone na nuon,hayzzz ♥♥♥

    • Hehehehe.. Kinsa man nah cha? Pagpakita pud sa iya pra at the same time makakita pud ka niya and makakita xa sa imo pra dli naka ma miss…. 😀

  3. talagang in love ka parekoy!
    stay in love!

    • H3h3h3… Hindi nman masyado kaso nag request kasi ang special ko na mag post ng ganito kaya ginawa ko ito… 😀

  4. pumapagibig ka parekoy
    stay in love!

  5. thanks for dropping by in my page frankie..:)
    awts love..:)

    • Bakit nman awts ang reaction agad..? Pag love ang pinag-uusapan eh awts na ba talaga para sau? 😀 Anyways thank you din sa pagdaan…!!

  6. padaan nga sa inlove baka maging inlove din ako 😆

    • Hahahaha… Hindi ka magiging inlove pag ayaw mo… 😀

      And thank you sa pagdaan mo ulit dito sa blog ko…

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