Lessons to learn!

We know a lot what “Happiness” is. And we know that happiness is just a feeling comes to us temporarily this is just instantly disappear. So while we are still here while we are still alive and kicking we should find or seek those things that could possibly make us happy as early as now.

Life is not full of happiness because there are times those sadness covers up to it. There are times that we’re thinking everything is fine but it’s not this is the time where in this phrase comes in “Expect the unexpected”. We can’t really identify that tomorrow will be my happiest day, we can’t really identify that by the next day it’s a miserable day. So let’s be prepared all the time.

Problems! These are the worst thing that I think most of us don’t want to experience but we should think of the positive effect for this. We’ve given a problem because God wanted us to know the real meaning of life and because He wanted us to be strong in every struggle that we are facing every now and then. This gives us a lot of lessons to learn.

Every problem has its own solution so find a way to solve it don’t give up because after that you can see yourself like in the middle of the carnival or in a fiesta. SUCCESS!


~ by Frankie on 07/27/2010.

4 Responses to “Lessons to learn!”

  1. Frankiechuts!^_^ I like your post. …but just one thing: Let Happiness not only be a feeling, but an Experience. Let it not come temporarily, but Eternal.

    I’m happy for both of you Frankie! Fra & Flo for the win! hehehe^_^

    • Hahahaha… Anyways thank you for your comment and for dropping here in my blog.

      Agree with let happiness be also an experience… Great!

  2. watta pic!!!!! Hold on you two!

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