What makes life wonderful?

In life a lot of circumstances are coming that’s why we should be alert and prepare to face it. Will, this is the nature of being a human or an individual. If you haven’t experienced this then I might say that you are crazy.

We have our own ways on solving our life’s problem. There are people who wanted to solve it through their selves but mostly are dependent to others they are asking for an advice for a remedy. Will, as they say that experience is the best teacher and that makes life wonderful.

Troubles are in existence to teach us on how we handle ourselves. They are the one who made us strong because without all of this maybe life is worthless and meaningless. That’s why we should be thankful if we have a problem because this is an indication that we are a natural being and not the crazy one.

“Love yourself and spend your life in a joyful way for this is just one.”


~ by Frankie on 07/14/2010.

5 Responses to “What makes life wonderful?”

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  2. If we seek God’s best in any relationship we have with the people around us… then that make life wonderful…

  3. for me what really makes life wonderful is realizing and doing your purpose in life.

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