Super Mario Galaxy 2 Update

The Super Mario Galaxy 2 game was developed by the Nintendo intended for Wii. E3 2009 was the first time it was announced and this is the continuation to Super Mario Galaxy. Last May 23, 2010 was the released date for North America and last May 27, 2010 it was released in Japan in Australia also was last July 1, 2010.

Every level of the game is in galaxies and it is filled of small planets. The game play of Mario is based on that of its ancestor. Since this is a new updated game there are things that were change. The power-ups are new and the gravity effect was updated too.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is being listed as one of the highest-rated video games based on big sites on games which are Metacritic and GameRankings. This is also the fourth original 3D plat former in the History of Mario games.


~ by Frankie on 07/09/2010.

6 Responses to “Super Mario Galaxy 2 Update”

  1. Wow Super Mario!

  2. lahi na man lage imu template…

  3. ai.. peke.. lahi lage ni.. dili pa post akung bag-o nga blog…

    • Sowe huh naa man gud ko ge pamblock na words na dli niya e accept bsin one of those words nkabutang sa imo…. Try to change ang uban na words….

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