Team Edward Vs Team Jacob on “Twilight”

In the beginning of the movie “Twilight” a boundless battle has begun between the two hunks on Bella’s life the Team Edward and Team Jacob. A lot of appreciation we’ve heard to both team but as we all know that in every advantage there is always an opposite disadvantage so there’s a lot of disapproval also to both team.

Team Edward headed by Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson loyalty is a very difficult to shake and Bella knows it very much. The rival of Edward who is Team Jacob leaded by Jacob Black aka Taylor Lautner the Wolf Boy receive a lot of harsh talk. Somebody says that they are not compatible to each other the only person who is very much match to Bella is Edward and not Jacob.

Then now who’s your bet? Will it be Jacob or Edward?


~ by Frankie on 07/02/2010.

3 Responses to “Team Edward Vs Team Jacob on “Twilight””

  1. jacob… jacob.. jacob…
    ahahaha…. c cocoy akoa..

  2. mao.. pero tsada jud kau eclipse.. ahahaha…. go jacob..

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