Kobe Bryant right index finger condition

Do you remember Kobe Bryant’s 6-24 shooting performance on their Game 7 NBA finals? That was not the Kobe Bryant that we are always seen in the game, he did not perform will like what he does before. The best of Kobe in the game is that he continues taking a shot even thought he is in a bad shooting performance. That makes Kobe great on that game.

The reason why Kobe did not played so great on that game because he is severely injured on his right index finger and to those who really don’t know the right index finger is the most important finger in shooting. That was the very reason why Kobe on that game not so impressively performs on his shooting. But Bryant did not stop he do everything just to make their team win. That is Kobe Bryant!

Kobe’s right index finger was being sacrifice on that game somebody says that he might not play again without wearing a support.

Kobe will seek an advice to specialist out there this July to have options to this damage. They say that this problem is not so easy to clean up through arthroscopic surgery or even wished away with a modest rest.

But to those who are fan of Kobe we will not give up we will pray for him to heal his injury.


~ by Frankie on 07/01/2010.

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