The best thing about me is “YOU”

We really know the fact that love is unknown it’s undefined, it’s mysterious but why are we fall in love? Nobody knows the exact reason to this question, there are so many answers but the explanations are different.

Some says if you haven’t experienced love for sure you’re crazy. So meaning love is compulsory to everyone it’s a requirement in life. But when will it come? Of course if you are just alone always you could never answer this you don’t know the real feeling of love for short you’re going to be crazy.

Most of us or I think everybody love their partner because they think they are unique. Unique in the sense that they find the features of their partner that are not on their self. Those features that you don’t have are the things that you’ve seen in him/her. Will you agree of what I’m talking here? 😀

That’s why love is too mysterious even me I can’t explain it will. “Love is life and life is love.” But always put it in your mind that you should love first yourself before loving other individual. Thank you for reading these messy thoughts. 😀


~ by Frankie on 06/16/2010.

12 Responses to “The best thing about me is “YOU””

  1. Bravo! Congratulations! “The best thing about me is “YOU”” article is indeed the best article you’ve made so far. Very well said! My God man, I couldn’t have said it any more better that you did, but I don’t agree to you when it comes to loving a person because of uniqueness. Basically, that is true, every time you will be amazed by your loved one doing something that are new to you. For some, they will be fall in love more and more.

    But that is not alone, in my case I look also to our similarities. If I can find things in him/her related to me in that person, then, Oh I think she/he’s the one! Just kiddin…. Just think bout it.. Think of many couples around.. They are bonded with similarities and tied with uniqueness.

    Good Job! I wish you the best in everything you do!
    This is such my pleasure to grasp your brilliant idea.

    • Thank you for your appreciation this is just a part of my imagination and someone is forcing me to do this kind of article..!!! And this is someone is ME….. 😀

      Yes most of couples are also bonded with their similarities i also agree with what you’ve talking about… Will anyway thank you for dropping here again… Love to read your brilliant comments here…..

      • The best thing about you is “you”? Oh c’mon, that’s amazing,

        It really s**** lovin’ ourselves. But, why not? It is good to perfectly love someone other than yourself soon.

        With all these stuffs, I contribute here:

        Let love shine!

        • Oh great blog you’ve got. Is it yours? This blog is full of happiness and loneliness about love if i’m not mistaken this is the authors real feeling on his/her love life.

        • I’m so sorry because i can’t drop a comment on this blog since in our office blogspot is being blocked. But don’t worry if i have time to open the net in the house i would write a best comment just for this blog and for you of course. 😀

  2. wahahahaha.. as-innnnnnnnn.. pekeeeeeeee.. na jud ka frank… naay something fishy jud lage ang gakahitabo sa imu bayota ka.. wahahaha.. puro naman love… nag huna2 jud ko kung aha ka inlove kay astang or kay loloy?(peace) wahahaha… curious kau imo ate Rox… kinsa man na manghud? wahahaha…

  3. To define love is Franklin? Love moves in Mess-terious ways!

  4. *12 signs your falling in love*

    12. You’ll read his/her txts over and over again…
    11. You’ll walk really really slow while you’re with him/her…
    10. You’ll pretend 2 be shy whenever you’re with him/her…
    9. While thinking bout him/her…your heart will beat faster and faster…
    8. By listening to his/her voice…you’ll smile for no reason.
    7. While looking at him/ cant see the other people around you…you can only see that person…
    6. You’ll start listening to SLOW songs.
    5. He/She becomes all you think about
    4. You’ll get high just by their smell…
    3. You’ll realize that you’re always smiling to yourself when you think about them..
    2. You’ll do anything for him/her…
    1. While reading this, there was one person on your mind the whole time…..

    ahehehe… simple advice..

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