Lakers defeats Celtics on the Game 6

Los Angeles Lakers did a great job on their game 6 in NBA finals against Boston. It’s their home court advantage so there is no reason to lose the game. They just prove on the game that their team is solid not just on offense but it’s on defense as will.

Gasol, Pau scored 17 points and 13 rebounds on that game and Bryant, Kobe got 26 points by that Lakers definitely scored on the grand finale with 89-67 made the Los Angeles Lakers victory beside Celtics.

And for Celtics Allen, Rey scored 19 points, Pierce, Paul scored 13 points and Garnett, Kevin also added 12 points but their offense was just a great mess on the game. Like what Allen says on his interview “Next time will do a better job”.

Friday here in the Philippines will be the schedule for their last and finale game of NBA finals Lakers VS. Celtics don’t ever miss this one. We will witness this great history of NBA.


~ by Frankie on 06/16/2010.

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