Great Picture of Mine

This is one of my great pictures I love to see myself in a photo with a blooper gesture. LOL…I love to see myself in an ugly pose because most of my pictures are too handsome to look that’s why I like this. LOL…

That’s what I’ve told you before that if you want to be happy just surf my blog and view all my pictures I’m sure you would love to laugh out loud. H3h3h3h3… Like what they’ve said “Mukha palang Joke Na!”

Anyways this was taken last sunday that was Chariss Birthday. Thank you for sharing this cute picture. 😀

This is the real recreation and entertainment. Hahahaha….!!!!


~ by Frankie on 06/15/2010.

22 Responses to “Great Picture of Mine”

  1. Great idea frank! This picture is such a big bloooop! Please click on my link for my top 10 nominees….

  2. edi ikaw na ang may damit na ganyan . hahaha
    arbor! 😀

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