Belated Happy B-day To You

Yesterday was the birthday to one of our co-employee here at SMSI company the one and only Miss Chariss. She’s already 20-years-old yesterday correct me if I’m wrong. I’m very glad because I was also invited even if we’re not so close like the others that were also invited.

I love their place since you could not feel the hotness of the sun. The place is so windy and peaceful.

But the unforgettable moment at that day was the eating session; foods were served on top of the table and were very much enjoy picking those recipes that was there. It is so delicious, yummy and everything I was amazed of the effect my stomach was getting full and it’s not normal for me. LOL

Will thank you “Cha” for inviting me on your birthday and I’m so grateful that I was there. I wish that God will give you the happiest and the longest life ever. 😀


~ by Frankie on 06/14/2010.

16 Responses to “Belated Happy B-day To You”

  1. Thanks frank! I really appreciate this. I’m so happy ^_^ I’m so blessed with LOVE and FRIENDSHIP..

    ~close baya tah 😀

  2. sayang… abi nako murag banda tan-awon… pero pyts gihapon… Gangisi versus gamug-ut ni nga pic…(“,)

  3. Memorable birthday! Looking forward for nextyear’s celebration ahahahaha

  4. nice post frankie..hehe..see u again next year..nyahaha..

  5. char lang…….. naunahan ko og post bai… hmmmmmmm…..

  6. hehe..ganahan jud ko sa band na pose! gamay ko jan tan.awon kei nka takilid koh. hahaha!
    @roxan: peke ka rox..nag unsa dai ka adtong monday? wla lge ka nag post?huhu..hulat ko sa imuha…


    • sorry gud…… busy ko na
      hahaha… ok ra man japun kay naa c frank.. hmmmm.. tsada kau pagkakuha sa pics buh?
      ako na jud nag picture ana…

      Nagdumot jud ko gamay (daku) sa tag-iya ani.. wala lage ko.. wahahaha.. peace.. joke3…

      • Ok lng na ate rox na wla ka kai ge tuyo man pud nako nah… H3h3h3h3…

        Anyways wla gehatag c chariss nga pix oi nga apil ka so alangan mangita pa ko… Kapoy ra ah… 😀

      • ay na frank.. nasakitan na ko…… wehehehe….. peke…….

    • H3h3h3h3… Mao pud d i nga giganahan kai gamay d i kau xa tan-awon.. Next time e adobe nlng nako pra xure jud nga gamay ka tan-awon.. 😀

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