It’s Burning Inside – WOW

Then I found
A very special love in you
It’s a feeling
That’s so totally new
Over and over
It’s burning inside
And I found
A very special love in you
And it almost breaks me
In two
Squeezing me tighter
But I’m never gonna let go

Here I’ am talking about this craziest thing in the world and its “Love”, a very special love “LOL”. Is there an instance that love isn’t special? If it’s not special then I’m sure that is not “LOVE”. I think they just want to play someone’s feeling and that is bad I’m telling you. 😀

I admit that sometimes I wanted to hurt someone because I feel pleasure when I see them angry or getting mad at me. But always remember what God says, “Love your enemy”. LOL

Yes, when you’re in love it’s really burning inside. You will always imagine of her/him all the time the way she hug’s at you the way she smile and most specially the way she kiss. – Wheeewwwww…..!

This is what they called “LOVE”.


~ by Frankie on 06/10/2010.

9 Responses to “It’s Burning Inside – WOW”

  1. God says, “Love your enemy”? graveh? over.. over…. pero kung graveh na ka over ang sakit love japun lugar nimu imung enemy?
    peke japun…

  2. I am damn stretched! Y’all talk bout love! So here I am you’re freaky legion blog angel of love, live here to express some love to the world!

    First off, if we love someone, we want them to continue being the essence of themselves. If so, then we can’t own, absorb or change them. We can only help them to become what they already are.

    I love that feeling you have stated dear blogger. It is a very nice cloudy feeling. Imagining the one you love is such a wonderful thing you could ever think. You can’t explain it! Mix of mixed of mixed and mix of emotions, right? even so,

    Don’t be carried away by your feeling seeing the good things you’ve seen in her/him. Try to see her/him the way she/he is as a human and you’ll find that you’re really in love.

    Why the hell are you happy seeing them angry to you?

    It is good that you “love your enemy”. The best way to kill your enemy is to love them. You’re girls are not your enemy. You’re just making fun of them. Then, you can make fun of them but not to the extent of hurting them.

    Goodluck! Seems you have a good future when comes to real romantic


    • Hello iamrevirgination thank you for dropping by on my blog… I’m glad to see you here again…

      Anyways to hurt them is just my tripping but I do that too seldom. So there’s no worry about it. 😀

      That is really really true that if you’re in love there would be a mixed of emotions. And it’s unexplainable.

      Will anyways thank you for the thoughts that you’ve shared to us. Hope I would see you soon here.

  3. You dude, your love is burning! an eternal flame!

    Seen the strawberries in your post, I wanna eat that. It is fresh right?

    Where in heaven did you get that fuckin berry?

    • Yup they are very very fresh. If you want it then eat it…

      That’s coming from my heart… Harharhar… 😀

      • Bern.. nosebleed ko… nag apil lang ka youthsays.. English mode na daun ka….. wahhahaha…. apil2 pud ning isa… graveh ka peke…….

      • @aterox: ahahaha nyate,. dli to english ui.,wla2 lng to, dli to ako.,.

        @frankie: harharmon d i ka frank? ahaahah nosebleed ang jejemons xa harharmon, they’re the best jejebuster..

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