Love – Love – Love (Hug and Kisses)

Here I’ am sharing this mysterious thing called “LOVE”. I’m on my way going to Office. While walking there were two couples of lovers if I’m not mistaken they are all friends. Both couples are so sweet to each other and there were time that one of the girls wipes her boyfriends face. Weeeeeew….!!!! That was too sweet. Holy crap what they are doing they are too public. “You are just in jealous mode!” 😀

After that scene I was thinking, face the glass besides me and ask “Where’s mine?”

H3h3h3h3… Too dramatic and it’s getting “EMO” here. That’s why if you want to have someone that will love you and care for you. You should be careful enough to handle them and give them everything that could make them happy. And of course do not forget to love them as they are and who they are.

I think that is the best thing in the world worth priceless but it’s meaningful to both lovers. As they say “If you want to be loved, be lovable”.

I’ am laughing here while writing this post it’s too “Eeeeeeewwwwww”. 😀


~ by Frankie on 06/09/2010.

9 Responses to “Love – Love – Love (Hug and Kisses)”

  1. hmm.. curious ko… hahaha…. half chismosa… napansin nku.. naa naman lage love topis ani nga blog… ga wonder na hinuon ko? In love ka frank..? yaw pag deny… dili ka magpost if wala jud nimu na feel…

  2. nice sharing of thoughts.. buts sometimes it is all what you feel inside you… Are you?

  3. Hi Frankie, Here me again, your biggest fan of all!

    You’re funny! Thinking that you were facing the glass and asked “Where’s mine?” LOL!

    Where is yours? Who gonna be yours? hehehe

    To count it all, you have posted 2 blogposts bout love already. Just let me think (butang ta lng) that you’re really in-love!

    Burst it Frank! Bring it out you!

    We’re at your back, your bouncing buddies! hahahaha

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