Megan Fox on her childhood days

Present Megan Fox

I was so interested of the news that Megan Fox is a man so what I did was. I search for a picture of the actress when she was at her childhood years. And I was amazed of the picture that I found on one of the site in the internet.

Megan Fox when she was 9-years-old

After seeing her picture I consequently conclude it to myself that Megan is a girl and its true base on the picture that i’ve seen.

So for those who question and doubtful of Megan’s gender now here is the answer. This makes me feel good since before I idolized Megan Fox because of her beauty and astounding body figure that she have.

Megan Fox when she was 15-years-old

Anyways Megan Fox is now 24 years old she was born May 16, 1986 obviously she is Taurus. This is just additional information to those who love Megan like me. 😀


~ by Frankie on 06/08/2010.

20 Responses to “Megan Fox on her childhood days”

  1. Good job Frankie! You have just proven that you’re not just a SEO Specialist, You’re a Searchologist too. That’s great!

    Megan Fox is a girl! LOL!

    She’s not Megan Fucks!

  2. Super like ko sya pero nowadays ano bang nangyayari sa kanya? tinanggihan nya yng Tomb Rider, tinanggal sya sa Transformer ahahaha hindi ako updated 🙂 basta like ko sya yon lng muna…

    • Thank you for your time here visiting my blog. Hindi ko nga rin alam eh kung ano na ang nangyayari sa kanya ngaun. About nman sa transformer base sa mga nababasa ko eh gusto kasi nyang marami syang dialog hindi lng puro action. Kaya ayon tinanggal sya.

      Cguro hindi na nya feel ang pag-aartista. 😀

  3. res la mejor megan

  4. u are the best

  5. Wow. Megan looks so different from the ages 9 to 15. Insane change. Hot, but insane. Lolz

  6. Megan fox is so hot i want to go to bed with her

  7. your Super HOT

  8. fell like fuking her

  9. what, they didn’t have color photography in 2001 or ’95?

  10. she is so hot its untrue she looks amazing i wanna marrie her

  11. you are the beaitfulest girl i ever saw in my life and i hope you become my friend for ever

  12. Man megan is HOT!!!!

  13. Megan you are so fucking hot.

  14. tour fukin sexy

  15. Meg is the coolest n the sexiest girl i have ever seen. I wish she could be my girl friend! She is the girl everyone would like to die for. She is drop down gorgeous!!

  16. Awesome megan, she is looking damn sexy here but looks even sexier in the latex outfits, have a look-sizzling and hot Hollywood divas in latex.

  17. damn u so hot Megan

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