June: Wedding Month

June is not just the opening of school like everybody knows. This month is also the best time for two lovers who want to prove that they are true to their feelings in front of God. What I’m talking about is the marriage. Marriage is the voluntarily union of two people who love each other of course.

Most of the lovers choose to have their wedding in the month of June. This is because the name of the month which is June is coming from the name Juno, and this is the Roman Goddess of fertility and marriage. This is based from the article that I’ve read before.

This is one of the reasons why most of the lovers want to get married at the month of June. For them this month is special and blessed for both of them. Since I’ve never experience this yet and I’m not yet ready for this stage of life. H3h3h3h3h3… So I can’t prove this to all of you. Can somebody share your experience here? 😀


~ by Frankie on 06/08/2010.

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