I need someone to tell someone that I love someone!

Love is very difficult to define no one knows everything about love. That’s why until now and infinity love will always be a mystery. We don’t know when and where will it come. So love will always surprise you.

I write this post today because one of my friends asks me this kind of question. “Am I in love?” I was stun for a moment and suddenly I utter a short phrase to him. “I don’t know”

Of course how will I know if he is in love I’m not him and he is not me? So what I did was I gave him a little advice because I’m just a newbie in this field. I tell him that if you like the girl and if you think that she is the girl for you then maybe that’s love. That was a safe advice. LOL.

I think that was the story all about. Thank you for your time and thank you for reading this short post. Hope that you like it and have fun. 😀


~ by Frankie on 06/03/2010.

16 Responses to “I need someone to tell someone that I love someone!”

  1. i enjoyed this…truly the mystery of love is one of its greatest joys…

    • Yup your really really right.. love always surprise us… thank you for your time.. nice name you’ve got… 😀

  2. og sa dihang gabasahon nako ni… ang akung smile ni abot na sa akung dalunggan…ahahaha…..
    kinsa na nga laki? ahehehe…. share pud mo… bitaw how can you tell if his in love.. if your not him?
    hmm.. best way.. try to put your self in his position… lisod man sad jud mag advice if wala pa pud nimu na feel now… charut.. frank ganahan na ko sa imung mga post… ahahaha..♥♥☺☺

    But be ready basin ikaw nasad mangutana nga “Am I inlove?” jejejeje…….

    Take note: Newbie pa ka? pagsure ui…. Peke

  3. Basically, I agree with you that the infinity of love will always be a mystery. We don’t know when and where will it come to us. It will just come in a surprise!

    However, there are different forms of love that makes it definite to a persons’ point of views which are also based from their experiences in loving.

    From persons’ point of views, two most common forms existed: real love and romantic love. In real love, you want other persons’ goodness while in a romantic love, you want the other person.

    When we think on someones’ goodness with recurring picture of him/her in our mind and that she/he completes our day, I am sure you’re in love.

    “Am I in love?” then Show Up your Love!

    To define love is knowing God because God is love, and Love is God!

    Live to love, love to Live!

    • Thank you for sharing those nice thoughts of yours. Will if I’m in love with somebody can i count on you? 😀
      Thank you for dropping by on my blog.

  4. Newbie???waaaaaaahh..atik

  5. mao jud mai.. atik kau……..

  6. ahahaha… ambot nimu bayota ka….ahehehehe

  7. Shaks! ikaw din lumalablayp?

    • H3h3h3h3.. Napagtripan lng ang mga lablayp lablayp na yan. May nag open kasi sa topic na yan kaya naggawa ako ng post pra dun. 😀

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