School Opening – Month of June

It’s now June and as we all know it’s the opening of the school. Most of the students are excited to see their classmates at school and the others are not happy since they want more time for vacation.

When I was on my college years I always feel excitement every school opening. Every time I arrived at my boarding house. I will go directly on the computer shop where in my friends are always there of course me too. We always play online games just like RF Online and Conquer Online we also play offline games such as DOTA All Star and Battle Realms.

Unlike others they inspired to go to school because of their girlfriends. But in my part girlfriend is just next to friends. 😀 That makes me different to others.

I would always say that during my college year’s life is so wonderful, happy, and joyful. School and friends are my world. 😀

So make your life happier than ever. Smile though your smile is broken. 😀


~ by Frankie on 06/02/2010.

One Response to “School Opening – Month of June”

  1. “Smile though your smile is broken.”.. hmmm… emo na jud ka frank.. char2.. aha man ka natakdan ana?

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