Coca-Cola Sport fest at Marvilla Beach Resort

Yesterday was the Coca-cola festival held at the Marvilla Beach Resort. We were there at exactly 11:49 AM. I was with my sister and the family of Bernie Bitokbitok of MOR 91.9 Cagayan de Oro City. 😀 The said event was handled by the ABS-CBN MOR 91.9 of Cagayan de Oro and sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company.

The event was so crowded. There are so many “Madlang People” out there. 😀 I love the beach because just like the other beach out there it is so windy. Just like what the other do we also take pictures at the beach with my sister and my cousin which is the brother of Bernie-BItokbitok. I was so happy also because we were given T-shirts from Coca-Cola that was our souvenir on that event. 😀

At about 12 o’clock I was busy eating with the foods that were on the table. The foods that was there was “Sinugba (Fish), Fried Chicken, Pancit, La-oya (Pork), Humba” and I forgot the other foods sorry. 😀 After eating I was so full what I mean is that my stomach was already full. Ahhhh——- I like this feeling. 😀

When the time the sun goes down I together with my companion go to the water (sea) to have a swim. We were fun swimming. By the time the air gets cold. We got up to change our dresses and preparing to go home.

And at exactly 6:43 PM we already leave the beach. And that was one of my best outings in my life. And I think that’s all Thank You.!!! 😀


~ by Frankie on 05/31/2010.

5 Responses to “Coca-Cola Sport fest at Marvilla Beach Resort”

  1. ngek.. adto ka didto.. unya wala ka dala coke.. peke japun…

  2. wah,,,,, peke ka…. laOg keu…☺☺
    kabalos lang ko… ahehehe… uip hapit na ahehehe.. Mr top 4.. basin sa sunod ikaw na top 1.. gogogogo… graveh keu maningkamot sa qouta vai….

    • Thank you but I’m not satisfied of what i have done as of now. Char…!!! You should tell that to yourself that you should “Gogogogogo”….!!! 😀

  3. charut…. graveh… bow na jud ko…. master franklin….ahahaha…

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