Next Peter Parker for the upcoming Spider-Man Movie

After the successful movie of “Spider-Man 2” that was release last 2004. This is casted by Tobey Maguire as “Peter Parker” and Kirsten Dunst as “Mary Jane Watson”. They are now going to open a new Spiderman Movie which is the Columbia’s Spider-Man Reboot but the director and studio are searching a star that will going to play as Peter Parker.

Until now they haven’t choose yet an actor that will become the next Peter Parker for this Movie. These are the candidates for this slot:

  • Jamie Bell – Title character of “Billy Elliot”

  • Aiden Ehrenreich – One of the cast of “Tetro”

  • Frank Dillane – Tom Riddle on the Movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”

  • Andrew Garfield – Short appeared on the BBC series “Sugar Rush”

  • Josh Hutcherson – Appears on the Sundance hit “The Kids Are All Right”

The Columbia wanted to begin their production by this year’s end.


~ by Frankie on 05/28/2010.

4 Responses to “Next Peter Parker for the upcoming Spider-Man Movie”

  1. Wah?What happened to Tobey Maguire as “Peter Parker” .. I’m against to it. I don’t want to replace him as Spiderman..So sad 😦

    • Tobey Maguire officially left “Spiderman” franchise. This is because he is turning 35 this year but Peter Parker in this new Spiderman 4 will be a a young student preferably a high school student so it is so terrific if Tobey will again hold this rule. He is too old for this rule. That’s why Sony find someone who is very suitable for this rule. 😀

  2. How about the Kirsten Dunst as “Mary Jane Watson” ? I’m gonna miss Tobey…T_T

    • Both have the same reason. So we will just w8 for the result of their searching. 😀 Yes we are going to miss both Tobey and Kirsten.

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