The issue of Miss Kris and Miss Ai-ai decision for not choosing “Fame” instead of Sherwin

The fans of the PGT or “Pilipinas Got Talent” were crying over the decision of Miss Kris Aquino and Miss Ai-ai de las Alas last Sunday. This is because they are choosing Sherwin Baguion instead of Geraldine “Fame” Flores.

There was one fan of the PGT who asked like this in a website. “Do you have ears?”

And one fan of PGT also says that Kris and Ai-ai decision for choosing Sherwin is not acceptable. PGT is not a charity show this is about talent. The show is all about talent so you should choose the one who have the real talent.

Miss Kris Aquino defends herself on this issue through her twitter account. She wrote there that we are choosing Sherwin instead of Fame this is simply because as we can see he truly loves his (Sherwin) family. And because he (Sherwin) has a beautiful voice that can be develop like Jed.

Kris also added on her twitter account that if you are a judge then you should set aside your emotions.

One of the fans of PGT added a statement that Sherwin missed a notes will you going to consider him as a winner? This is because of your so-called emotions?

After this issue that was written on the net. The ABS-CBN did not respond to this they are shutting there mouth so that this controversy will not getting bigger and bigger.


~ by Frankie on 05/26/2010.

4 Responses to “The issue of Miss Kris and Miss Ai-ai decision for not choosing “Fame” instead of Sherwin”

  1. Pilipinas Got Talent is a search for talent, hence, not for charity. The fans are correct. Before it is too late, a correction has to be made, i.e. a reverse decision by Kris and Ai Ai. Will this program continue, then the credibility of the judges will be at stake, many will be discouraged to join the competition and the worst, even we the viewing public and TFC subscribers will not view this program. ABS CBN should solve this problem.

    • On my part yes it is true that the PGT is a show for those talented person. Same on you i will give my yes to those fans who are asking for a real winner. This is not a charity competition of course but it is a talent search. So the judges should be careful on choosing the best talented contender. But the big problem is that the decision was already been announced so there is no chance to change it by now. Changing there decision would affect on there show of course. So what ABS admin is doing right now is right they must be quit to this issue for the sake of the show.

  2. abscbn is nothing without fans. so now, im watching the rival station. i cant trust abscbn anymore, especially in terms of judging. i’m not the only fan who is not going to watch Pilipinas Got Talent anymore, a lot more out there who don’t like PGT anymore.

    • thats really really bad but since you already decide it, so nobody can stop you except of yourself of course. i know the judges decision makes the PGT viewer discourage to watch again the show. but we also consider that we are not the judge so we will just respect there views to each contestants. Thank you for passing by.

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