Frankie on Election Day

May 10 “Election Day” at 8:30am I woke up and take a bath after that I ate a lot of food for my pets inside my stomach “Intestinal Worms / Bulate”:D. While eating the foods on the top of the table I’m already thinking to the candidates that I’m going to vote.

After the meal I took the ball pen and papers that was placed on my room to have a list for the candidates that I’m going to vote. On that time I’m doubtful to whom my vote will be. So that I can choose the best among the rest I surf the net to see each of the candidates background.

Now I have already my list. I told to myself “this is my final listing of candidates – this is it’.

At 1:45pm me, my brother together with our parents was already at the school were the election is held. So I was looking for my name on each precinct so that I can now go for a line. The area was so crowded. And on that time the rain fall not that heavy like bagyong “Ondoy” just a normal rain. Because of unexpected phenomenon the line of people was being scattered. And that includes me, me and me:D.

To make the story short I’m done voting at 12:13am. That was already May 11. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……. Too tired.

But for me I was so blessed on that morning because I’m done voting.

That was my life on Election Day. I’m just sharing it to you. 😀


~ by Frankie on 05/12/2010.

4 Responses to “Frankie on Election Day”

  1. Wow congratz frankie, you’r not alone! We’ve sacrificed a lot for a change we wanna see! Your 1 vote, My another 1 vote and Our votes will surely make a difference. hehehe Live Jesus in our Hearts, Forever!

    • Hehehehe… Live Jesus in Our Hearts, Forever!… Lasallian Prayer…. This ROCKS!!!!!!!… Yes that’s it we want a universal change…. I hope that i can also change my face because i’m tired of bringing this Piolo look alike face…. Hahahaha…

  2. hello, its good nakaboto kana ng maayus, at manalo man o matalo yung kandidato mo at least nagaw mu yung right bilang isang pinoy! 🙂

  3. Hi to you ma’am LEN… uu nga pasalamat nga ako nkaboto ako… im so tired of waiting pra lng makaboto ako.. ang tagal kaya ng 11 hours mag-antay pero i need to vote dhil ayokong may ma miss akong election… i want a clean record on my papers… :D…

    i have my left to vote kasi kaliwiti ako… h3h3h3. joke lng…:D

    Thank you for passing by on my blog…!!!

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