Lara Quigaman got married in Canada?

The Beauty Queen – Actress Lara Quigaman faced the rumors that she got married abroad after her vacation in Canada. The man we are talking of is her boyfriend, Actor – Model Marco Alcaraz.

Quigaman cleared the rumors that this is not true it’s simply because both of us (Marco Alcaraz) are not yet ready; both of us have our own commitments and priorities in life. One of the reasons also is that Lara and her mother promised to each other that her mom will be the one to get married first after Lara.

Lara also clarified that they (Marco Alcaraz) went to Canada to visit Lara’s family.  Lara and her family did a sort of reunion together with her mother, brother, and her sister from London.

Quigaman plays an antagonist role in “IMPOSTOR” which is mainly casted by Sam Milby and Maja Salvador.


~ by Frankie on 04/20/2010.

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