Mariel defend Zanjoe on his BMW speculation

Speculations say that the new car (BMW) of Zanjoe Marudo was given by a gay benefactor. But the girl friend of Zanjoe who is Mariel Rodriguez defended on this issue. Mariel told on her press conference that Zanjoe brought his BMW on an installment basis. And I can prove it’s because I was there when Zanjoe bought it, says Mariel.

Mariel says that Maruno works hard so it’s not impossible for him to buy a new car. “I feel sad for Zanjoe because every time he has something new for him there will be an explosion of issues. Why it is if I’ll buy something new for me there’s no issues at all? “, added Mariel.

Mariel was asked if her boyfriend also got hurt about this, and then Mariel replied “his not getting hurt because he can afford to buy a car.”

Zanjoe is one of the casts of Banana Split. While Mariel is currently a co-host of the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Clash of 2010 and on Wowowee.


~ by Frankie on 04/17/2010.

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