The comeback of Charice on Oprah Show

This coming May 11 will be the comeback of one of the bankable Filipino artists in United States who is “Charice Pempengco”.  This comeback of her will also be the promotion of her debut international album.

Charice was already showed up on Oprah third times.

This was last May 12, 2008 on “World’s Smartest Kids” she sang Whitney Houston’s hit “I Have Nothing”.

Second was on September 9, 2008 on “The Most Talented Girl in the World” she performed Celine Dion’s hit “My Heart Will Go On” with David Foster on Piano.

And last May 18, 2009 wherein she sang “Note To God” her first international single.

Keep it up Filipinos!


~ by Frankie on 04/10/2010.

6 Responses to “The comeback of Charice on Oprah Show”

  1. wow,so popular na talaga! hehehe 🙂

  2. yo wat is your fb name?

  3. Olga

    Otkuda material ?

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