Oprah wants Charice back to the show

Oprah Winfrey the host of the popular American talk show “Oprah” wanted Charice to go back to her show once again.

The newly crowned pop princess which is our very own “Charice” launches her first international single in titled “Note To God”, and this coming May 11 would be the launched for her first international album called “Charice: A Star is Born” that will be expected to show on Oprah.

This is after Charice 18th birthday.

On Oprah’s personal website, fans and supporters tell about why they love the 17-year-old Filipina singer “Charice”.


~ by Frankie on 04/07/2010.

11 Responses to “Oprah wants Charice back to the show”

  1. magaling siya.kaso yung iba nayayabangan sa kaniya…wiw..isa na ko don..haha…lumalaki na daw kasi yung ulo…hmmm..swerte nga niya eh…haha

    • Yes her voice is so beautiful like a roaring lion… h3h3h3… i think your right na lumalaki na ang ulo ng batang ito….

      • wahahaha…what a sweet voice kung ganun pala..wahaha…pinagmamalaki ang ipod collections niya…tas shuffle na lang wala siya..well mainggit siya..may shuffle ako..wahahaha

  2. im so envy!!!! 🙂 she is so magaling!

  3. hahaha, sana pwede.. hehehe

  4. hahaha..:D..selfish ako..wahaha

  5. Being featured on the Oprah show equals a boost in sales and visibility. It’s indisputable that Oprah can make snake oil the hottest thing among a certain demographic. What is in doubt is Charice’s popularity and buzz among the demographic that drives the Top40 market.

  6. dahil wala poh akung magawa… kaya dumaan nalang ako dilto sa blog mo kuya…

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