Anne Curtis on Boracay “Wardrobe Malfunction”

Last Wednesday one of the “Showtime” host Anne Curtis says about her “Wardrobe Malfunction” over her photo publications on the social sites, tabloids, and blogs that she felt “Disrespected”.

Its and accident and I wasn’t expect that it was spread on the internet that fast says Anne.

That accident was happened on the taping for the summer episode of the noontime musical variety show “ASAP XV” that was held in Boracay. Anne was in bikini while dancing on stage and accidentally showed her right breast when the right part of her top folded.

Anne Curtis says in an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN, “I really feel upset its coming out. Sana they had a little respect man lang”.


~ by Frankie on 03/24/2010.

7 Responses to “Anne Curtis on Boracay “Wardrobe Malfunction””

  1. Really. Most artist in philippines mostly look like westernian.

  2. accident happens! so jaz b more carefull next tym 😉

  3. Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction Picture Uncensored:

    If you dont belive me, My gravatar has it too!

  4. napanood ko yung ASAP last sunday kc yung kapitbahay ko may TFC kulang na lang lumabas pati mga bituka sa suot ng mga artist tpos magrereklamo sila at sasabihin nabastos daw sila haaayyyy 😦

    • yup.. but ginagawa nila ito for the viewers pra naman mkaakit ng mga viewers. kaya at this time something is wrong.
      but your still right. 😀

  5. See Anne Curtis Malfunction Pictures and Videos (Uncensored)

    * If You think I’m Lieing my gravatar has it to, click the link to see bigger pictures!

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