Pacquiao’s Concert in Hawaii Cancelled Because Of Poor Ticket Sales

If Manny Pacquiao fill the Cowboys Stadium at Arlington Texas during his last fight with Joshua Clottey wherein 51,000 spectators are there to see his fight it seems to be ironic happened to his concert hopefully at Waikiki Shell in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The concert of Manny Pacquiao for this coming March 21 at Honolulu was cancelled due to “Poor Ticket Sales”.

This was confirmed last March 17 on the breaking news section of Honolulu Advertiser that was reported by Dave Dondoneau.  It was stated there that “Manny Pacquiao’s Hawaii concert canceled because of poor ticket sales.”

Base on Ryan Chang of “Island Fire Productions” in an interview of Honolulu Advertiser, that there were only 603 tickets sold on his concert. The ticket of the concert ranges from $25 to $150.

According to Mr. Chang, for them to fill the Waikiki Shell with the capacity of 8,500 they need to sell at least 2,500 tickets. But because of poor ticket sales they decided to cancel Manny Pacquiao’s concert.

If the concert wasn’t cancelled, Manny would earn $100,000 for his one hour performance.


~ by Frankie on 03/19/2010.

7 Responses to “Pacquiao’s Concert in Hawaii Cancelled Because Of Poor Ticket Sales”

  1. i just don’t understand why Manny still has to do concerts. if it’s for a cause or some sort of charity show where proceeds will go somewhere other than his pocket, then maybe i can agree. but doing concert is not his forte. we all now that. even doing movies is not his cup of tea. why not he just concentrates on something he does best which is boxing.

    • thats it..!!! your too right. those concerts of pacquiao outside the country i think its just an additional exposure to make him more popular. instead of earning more money just for his own good why not try to share it to orphanage or those cancer patients out there. they are the one who need help. “Nagmamarunong nman c Frankie”… 😀

      • korek ka jan, frankie. it may not be Manny himself who wanted it. madami lang talaga gusto pagkakitaan yung popularity nya.. hay.. talaga naman.. kita mo nga yung movie nya nun.. nagtry pa kasi eh hindi na lang magstick sa boxing.. 🙂

        • uu nga his movie at GMA7… too bad in graphics… i dont like it very very much… and now he wanted to enter politics… will he can make it..? what do you think…. 😀

  2. I don’t think he can handle politics magboxing na lang siya kasi yon ang linya nya hindi ko minamaliit si Manny pero ilan na ba ang namumuno sa Pilipinas ang hindi naman talaga qualified katulad nyan diba dapat pag Senador ka graduate ka ng Law kasi diba gumagawa sila ng batas pano ka gagawa ng batas kung hindi ka nakapag-aral ng tungkol sa batas? opinyon lng po hehehhe

    • h3h3h3… uu nga it needs a lot of process…. so mag-aral muna xa ng maigi pra naman madagdagan ang mga natutunan nya about politics..

  3. Opinion ko lang to. Kung di lang sa galing ni manny magboxing papansinin ba xa ng publiko di ah,pinoy pah.isa na me don hi.hi.Boxing u na lang manny don ka love ng mga tao dont ever think na porke gusto ka ng tao sa boksing eh gugustuhin ka din sa pagkanta.un ang huwag mong pangarapin .

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