50,000 fans of Pacquiao in Cowboys Stadium motivated him on the fight

50,000 fans of Pacquiao in Cowboys Stadium motivated him on the fight

Last March 15, yesterday it was Manny “PACMAN” Pacquiao’s first time to defend his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight belt. This is his first fight with a massive spectator at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

His challenger Joshua Clottey was defeated via unanimous decision with the scores 120-108, 119-109 and 119-109.

PACMAN was surprised by his opponent Clottey sturdiness.  Clottey was a tough nut to crack, Pacquiao says.

That fight was the first time of PACMAN’s boxing career that he is the main event with a very massive spectator. When the time that he step to the ring and saw the people watching his fight that was more than 50,000 it added his  courage and strength to won the fight. I must show my best to make the viewers happy, he added.

Clottey said on his interview after the fight that Pacquiao is a good fighter, his fast and he threw a lot of punches. But Clottey added that if he threw more punches to Pacquiao on that fight he might won the fight.

Clottey said that Pacquiao can take on either Mosley or Mayweather for his next fight. He can take anybody who’s a welterweight guy. He added also that they don’t have to underestimate Pacquiao not because he is a smaller guy. But they need to consider how fast Pacquiao is, Pacquiao is fast on everybody because he is small.

The one who sang the Philippine National Anthem was the Journey frontman “Arnel Pineda”.

PACMAN is scheduled to fly back to Philippines this Monday (Manila time).


~ by Frankie on 03/15/2010.

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