New late-night show of Yeng Constantino

New late-night show of Yeng Constantino

The Pinoy Dream Academy first Grand Star Dreamer, Yeng Constantino got an upcoming late-night show which is “Music Update Live”. This is to be hosted of course by her.

In this show the nocturnal viewers not just can watch Yeng Constantino and the performance of their favorite bands and singers but they also get a chance to win more prizes.

As her first hosting Yeng says that she is so excited and nervous for this upcoming show. She says also that she needs to do things which are unusual to her and this is it God answer her wish.

“I’ve already gone my workshop but still I feel very nervous about this show because it’s different to be at the stage”, she added.


~ by Frankie on 03/13/2010.

2 Responses to “New late-night show of Yeng Constantino”

  1. i have nothing to say but……I LOVE U YENGG!!!! 😉 U ROCK!

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