“No To Showbiz Yet For Her Daughters Venice and Lorin” says Ruffa Gutierrez

“No To Showbiz Yet For Her Daughters Venice and Lorin” says Ruffa Gutierrez

Last Episode of Goin’ Bulilit that was a Chinese New Year episode when the daughter’s of Ruffa Gutierrez’s which are Lorin 6 yrs old and Venice 5 yrs old appear, the audience got a positive feedback on their performance. Because of this good feedback of the audience this top-rating kiddie gag show invited them again to be its guest on Sunday.

On Ruffa’s press conference of her endorsement, Century Properties’s Azure last March 2 that was held on Makati at Pacific Star Building specifically, she said “It’s actually good kasi marami silang nakikilala, they’re exposed.

When time that she visited her children on the set. “I remember visiting once, right away, bigla nasabi ko, Venice, don’t do that. I can’t help it, e. Parang ako na ang nagiging director. I did it I think for two minutes and then I got awkward on it. I must not do that thing. I should let my children enjoy on the set.

Ruffa let her daughters be part of the show it’s because there good on it. But as of now “No To Showbiz Yet”. Actually I don’t want my daughters to join show business. I don’t want them to be an artist because I want them to finish their study first in an Ivy League university and finish a master’s degree. I want them to do such things that I haven’t experienced before.

But as long as their going good on their studies that would be okay for me. “Okay lang naman because it is just for fun”. I’ve got their report card naman and all their grades were excellent. That’s why I gave them a chance so that they would work harder to maintain their grades.

“Hindi pwedeng magka-crush”. I won’t allow my daughters to experience this. NEVER!

Ruffa added that she already teach her kids at this early stage so that they will focus on their studies.


~ by Frankie on 03/07/2010.

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