Tiger Woods is finally back home, focusing on golf

Tiger Woods is finally back home, focusing on golf

For golf fans everywhere, it is a breath of fresh air. Tiger Woods, the top player in the sport, is finally back home, working on his fitness and his golf and getting back to a life well before Thanksgiving, 2009.

According to the Associated Press, Tiger left a week of family counseling in Arizona to head back to Florida, and plans on focusing his attention on the game that made him famous.

Woods returned to his home near Orlando on Saturday and has been hitting balls on the range at Isleworth, not far from where he ran his SUV into a tree in a middle-of-the-night accident on Nov. 27 that set off revelations of extramarital affairs.

The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because only Woods is authorized to release information about his schedule, said there is still no timetable for golf’s No. 1 player to return to competition.

With the Masters looming just five weeks away, it appears more and more likely that Tiger will not be at Augusta National for the first time since 1994. Tiger still has three likely returns before the Masters, but the CA Championship is next week, meaning that the Tavistock Cup (March 22-23) or Arnold Palmer’s Invitational at Bay Hill (March 25-28) are the best shots of a Woods warmup before the first major. That being said, it wouldn’t be the first time Tiger snuck into the CA Championship at the last minute. A year ago, Woods committed to the World Golf Championships event three hours before the 5 p.m. deadline on Friday.

It stills seems unlikely, and with no tournament experience since the Australian Masters in mid-November, the return to Augusta seems like a long shot at best.

Our Source: Yahoo Sports


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