Extraordinary Measures 2010 Movie Trailer

Extraordinary Measures 2010 Movie

Extraordinary measures


Directed by:
Tom Vaughan

Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford, Keri Russell

Release date:
Fri 22, Jan 2010

Extraordinary Measures is an 2010 drama film starring Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford, and Keri Russell. It is distributed by CBS Films and was released on January 22, 2010. The film was shot in Portland and Beaverton, Oregon as well as Vancouver, Washington. It is the first film to go into production for CBS Films, the film division of CBS Corporation.


Brendan Fraser plays John Crowley, a biotechnology executive whose two youngest children were afflicted with Pompe disease or acid maltase deficiency. Along with his wife Aileen (Keri Russell), he raises money for research scientist Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford), forming a company to develop a drug to save his children’s lives. Dr. Stonehill is a composite of the many great scientists and researchers that researched for a cure over the years, among them Drs Arnold Reuser, Ans van der Ploeg, William Canfield and Dr. Yuan-Tsong Chen.[3]

The film centers on the Crowleys’ two dying children, aged 9 and 7. In real life, most children with Pompe disease would die before age 2. There is also a juvenile and adult form which can present at almost any age. Those in the real story were 15 months and 7 days old when they got sick. They were 5 and 4 years old when treatment began.

Adapted by Robert Nelson Jacobs from a nonfiction book by the journalist Geeta Anand, the film is also an examination of how medical research is conducted and financed.

On the Net: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extraordinary_Measures

Extraordinary Measures Trailer
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  1. nice na site…. maghimo rako og ako…hehe

  2. Just watched this and I loved it

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