Tooth Fairy (2010)

Tooth Fairy (2010)

Tooth Fairy


Directed by:
Michael Lembeck

Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews

Release date:
Fri 22, Jan 2010

Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) is a minor league hockey player nicknamed “The Tooth Fairy” for hitting opposing players so hard that he knocks out their teeth. He quashes a young fan’s aspiration to play in the NHL just like he “used to” (he broke his shoulder many years ago during play and is now a “sideshow attraction”). He also steals a dollar for his poker game from his girlfriend Carly’s (Ashley Judd) 6-year-old daughter Tess (Destiny Whitlock), who lost a tooth. He almost tells Tess that there is no such thing as a tooth fairy.

While sleeping, he receives a summons under his pillow, stating that he must serve time as a “real” tooth fairy for shattering children’s dreams. He suddenly grows wings and magically wears a tutu and gets transported to the realm of tooth fairies. He meets Tracy, the case worker, and Derek breaks Tracy’s wand while arguing with him. The head fairy, Lily (Julie Andrews), tells Derek that he is a “dream crusher” and nearly endangered the existence of tooth fairies. He was going to serve one week as a tooth fairy, but now must serve 2 weeks because of the fight with Tracy. He returns to his bed and wakes up believing that it was all a dream.

However, the next night he receives a text message from Tracy for his first appointment, now realizing it wasn’t a dream. He meets Jerry (Billy Crystal), who gives him the things he needs for his tooth fairy duty, including Shrinking Paste, Invisible Spray, Amnesia Dust, Cat Away, and mints that makes people bark like a dog. Derek constantly tries his best to become a good tooth fairy, though ends up slammed by a door, flushed down by a toilet, makes a family completely filled with amnesia, makes his mean new player sound like a dog and getting him benched, and gets his wing bitten by a puppy. Lily states that he is “the worst tooth fairy ever”. Derek asks for more stuff for his duty, but is denied. However, he buys some tooth fairy stuff from a sneaky fairy. He uses his new stuff for his next duty, however, the Invisible Spray hardly makes him invisible and the Shrinking Paste does not shrink him, instead it makes his head big. A mother who freaks out calls the police stating “there is an alien on my lawn”. Derek realizes that he has been tricked and gets arrested. While behind bars, Tracy tells Derek that because of this, his duty is extended to 3 weeks and Carly comes to bail out Derek.

On his next appointment he falls asleep in the tooth fairy waiting room, causing him to miss the appointment. The next day, Carly and Tess go to a makeover party, leaving him to take care of Carly’s teenage son, Randy (Chase Ellison), who wants to grow up to be a rockstar and dislikes him for being “just like her past boyfriends”. Derek takes Randy to a guitar store to let him try out a guitar, while he looks for some drums. Randy tries it, while a girl Randy has a crush on listens to him, though her “boyfriend” tells her not to talk to this “emo kid” and threatens to take his guitar, but Derek scares him away and Randy grows to like Derek.

Derek becomes a better tooth fairy while helping Randy practice for his school’s talent show and helping Tracy become an “actual” tooth fairy. In return, Randy helps him become a real NHL player.

However, during Derek’s next game, he attempts to make a goal, but ends up nervous, gets pushed, falls, and fails. His coach yells at him, stating “You’re not a hockey player, you’re a sideshow attraction. How you’d like to spend tomorrow night’s game on the bench”. Derek returns home with Tess telling him that she lost another tooth and Randy being in the talent show. However, Derek sadly tells them to stop believing, there is no such thing as dreams, and that Randy will never become a rock star. Randy, in rage, smashes his guitar in half and escorts Tess to the car; Carly ends their relationship and drives back home. Tracy comes to his house and announces that he is an “official” tooth fairy. Derek, who now lost everything, gets more upset now that Tracy gets his life better and Tracy heads back home.

Derek, benched for the entire game, gets back on the ice and sees Tracy, who wants him to make a goal and go to get Tess’ loose tooth. Derek “actually” makes the goal, gets into his tooth fairy costume, and flies away – while Tracy spreads Amnesia Dust on everyone. Tess sees Derek taking her tooth and promises to keep it a secret, and Derek gives Randy a new guitar (the same one he was practicing on in the guitar store earlier in the movie) as an apology and flies him to the talent show. Carly sees him as a tooth fairy, but assumes that he rented a costume, so she doesn’t suspect. Randy gets dusted, and Tess is only six, so Derek is safe from discovery. Derek heads back to the fairy realm to give Lily the tooth, and gets fairy-dusted by her, then teleported back to the talent show. There, he sees Randy, who outperforms everyone’s expectations, and manages to get a band to play with him. As the movie ends, Derek is shown proposing to Carly, and she accepts.

In the credits, a cut scene is shown, with Derek now the starting left wing for the Los Angeles Kings, and when he sees Jerry, who comes to one of his games, he doesn’t recognize him. Jerry reports back to Lily, who was also at the game, to tell her that the secret is safe.

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