Bugoy Drilon Biography

Bugoy Drilon Biography

He dreamt of finishing his studies and performing on stage. But his dreams were put on hold when his father slipped into despair, devoured by his insecurities as head of the family.

Drilon’s father became an alcoholic and his relationship with son Bugoy deteriorated. Young as he was, Bugoy harbored ill-feelings towards his father. It prompted him however to persevere and not to depend on his father. To make his dreams come true, he worked as a janitor in a university.

Soon, a big opportunity came his way when Pinoy Dream Academy accepted him as one of its scholars and, in the end, the former janitor emerged as PDA’s 1st runner-up.

Success may have come to Bugoy, but he said the greatest lesson he learned after all these was that, his father will always be his father no matter who and what he is. As a son, Bugoy’s unfailing love for his father would always be his greatest achievement.

With extraordinary and distinct sound and gifted with a wide and exceptional vocal range Bugoy Bogayan or known now as Bugoy Drilon is got the second rank in the PDA Season II.

The farmer’s son has turned out to be up and coming singing sensation garnering 549,760 or 29.70% of votes. The heart and soul of Bicol with spectacular musicality will surely shine after this season.

On the Net: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bugoy_Drilon


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