Yeng Constantino Biography

Yeng Constantino Biography

There are some people who possess natural-born talents. All they need is one big opportunity so they can showcase them. One perfect example is Yeng Constantino.

Josephine Yeng Constatino is a singer -songwriter. She was born on December 4, 1988, to Joselito Constantino, an assistant librarian of Ateneo de Manila University, and Susan Constantino. She first lived in Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines before they moved to Montalban.

Because of his father’s income wasn’t enough to sustain them, coupled with eviction from a property they’ve called home for six years, Yeng, barely 18 years old, decided to stop school. She then joined the band called Morning Glory, an alternative rock band , where she performed as its lead vocalist. Her talent fee at that time was a mere P250 for a single night. If she would get lucky, it would double to P500. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough to augment their family income and find another roof for their family.

Then came Pinoy Dream Academy, a Philippine singing search version of Star Academy produced by Endemol. Apprehensive but excited, she decided to take a couple of rides from a tricycle and to an FX taxi to ABS-CBN in Quezon City from Montalban. Wearing her Converse Chuck Taylor, which she considered lucky charm and which later became one of her signature shoes, she sang her very own composition entitled Hawak Kamay.

However, her stint in PDA Academy, which lasted for 16 week, wasn’t really easy. She had to endure extensive classes in singing, songwriting, dancing, and even in acting. On a personal note, she was often judged by viewers as childish or that she have got more exposure than other competitors. There was even a time when she became involved in a rift involving Panky Trinidad, a Cebuana singer and one of the finalists, which became a nationwide controversy.

Yet as they say you can’t put a good woman down. Because of her unique manner of adapting songs, her innate musical talent, and exceptional writing skills, Yeng Constantino became on of the top 6 grand finalists, where she eventually emerged as the search’s first-ever champion. Among the prizes she garnered was a loft courtesy of Globe Asiatique and a Suzuki APV.

Meanwhile, Hawak Kamay conquered the airwaves even before she was proclaimed a winner. The Tagalog song was especially written for her cousin, with whom she became close to. Its simple lyrics yet sentimental tunes appealed so much in the ears of the masses that it topped in music charts of numerous radio stations all over the archipelago. It also became the official theme song in Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo, a movie by Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo , for the 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival. She was also awarded the Most Promising Female Recording/Concert Artist during the Box Office Entertainment Awards in the same year.

Last June 23, 2007, at the Aliw Theater, Yeng held her first major concert entitled Rock to School. She sang a total of 19 songs and approximately 5 costume changes. Among her guests were her fellow PDA scholars and RJ Jimenez, her rumored boyfriend.

Despite the initial success she’s earning, Yeng Constantino still dreams a lot of things for her and her family. Someday she hopes to open her own Marikina restaurant as well as a band studio. She also wants to go back to school, hopefully taking up a course related to music.

In the meantime, her avid fans and listeners can take refuge on her singles Cool-off, Time In, and Salamat—all found in her Salamat album, which just turned gold.

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  1. hai yeng kamusta ka na idol kita

  2. hi yeng, may i ask your religion? thanks… Godbless to your career… ^.^

  3. hi.. hmmm gling mo po tlga idol .. gudluck sa career..

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