Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter: Anime Description

Hunter x Hunter begins as the simple tale of a boy searching for his father… and quickly spirals off into a series of complex story arcs involving the main character, Gon, and the people he meets during the Hunter Exam. The Hunter Exam is a series of bizarre life or death trials one must conquer in order to enter into the mysterious and prestigious ranks of professional Hunters, among whom his father is legendary. Gon’s primary companions are the brazen Leorio who aspires to be a doctor, Kurapica, the red-eyed pacifist with a vengeance to fulfill, and the young assassin Killua. Not to exclude the colorful cast of rivals such as Hisoka, Illumi, Kuroro, and the Spiders.

There is an organization out there that leave crime scenes with no trace that they were there. No one has ever seen them or knows who they are. It is for this reason that they are referred to as Genei Ryoden (literally, “Phantom Troupe” or “Phantom Brigade”), since they disappear without a trace, just like a ghost.

The real name of the organization is The Spiders. They refer to themselves as The Spider and each member has a spider tattooed onto their body. Gon, Killua, Kurapica, and Leorio, and Hisoka also call the group The Spiders because they are the only people to have seen the group and lived.

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~ by Frankie on 02/03/2010.

8 Responses to “Hunter X Hunter”

  1. Good thing the manga is now updating… Hope that the anime will follow next..

    By the way, is Kurapika a girl, a boy or gay? hahaha!!!

  2. A gay-boy astang!hahaha…

  3. grrrrrrrrr……………… bad…. Biy na cya.. in short laki….. laki…. lalaki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rarrrrrrrrrrrrr………….. kamo 3.. dukdukon ta jud mo…
    hmpf.. kaw cha hap………. bad na ka………
    pero good new japun kay naa na new update ang manga… hope jud naku naa na pud sa anime…

  4. nah kanus-a pa… mo puti nalang tingali akung buhok……… arrrrrrrrrr……………

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