2009 NBA Champions: Los Angeles Lakers

2009 NBA Champions: Los Angeles Lakers

Last night saw game 5 and the end of the NBA Finals series. And it was the Los Angeles Lakers that were crowned the 2009 NBA champions. According to planetc1.com, game 5 saw the Lakers take the victory over the Orlando Magic with the finishing score at 99-86. The Lakers have obviously been playing fantastically as they have won four out of the last five games that they have played. This Wednesday sees the beginning of the 2009 Lakers Parade, that starts at 11am near the Staples Center in downtown LA. The 2009 Championship Parade route runs along Figueroa and then ends at the Coliseum, where all the players and coaches will be honored for their efforts in the NBA 2009 season. Lakers fans have been urged to arrive early if they are attending, to avoid the heavy traffic.

On the Net: http://www.inentertainment.co.uk/20090615/2009-nba-champions-los-angeles-lakers/


~ by Frankie on 01/30/2010.

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