America’s Best Dance Crew(4th Placer): BreakSk8

America’s Best Dance Crew (4th Placer): BreakSk8

BreakSk8 from “America’s Got Talent” is one of the top 40 acts on Season 4 of the NBC talent competition series. BreakSk8 is a group of breakdancing roller skater from Kokomo, Indiana. BreakSk8 has made it into the quarterfinals.

Previously, BreakSk8 competed on Season 1 of MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.” BreakSk8 placed fourth on the group dance competition show.

BreakSk8 is a group of roller skaters that entertains by mixing several types of dance and aerial acrobatics. BreakSk8 was formed in 2001 at the local roller rink in Kokomo, Indiana, when the six guys got bored of skating in circles and decided to try something they’d never seen before: a mix of different styles of dance with roller skating. Over the next several months, the BreakSk8 guys traveled to 200 skating rinks throughout the Midwest, quickly realizing that they had something that people were excited about, they decided to put on shows at skating rinks and schools throughout the Midwest. After a few years of performing around the country Breaksk8 has dedicated themselves to making this a career that they love and have a passion for. BreakSk8 is thrilled to be on “America’s Got Talent” and wants everyone to know that if you follow your dreams, anything is possible! Breaksk8 is made up of Shannon Anthony (26 years old), Jordan McQuiston (23), Tyson Neal (29), Jessy Nice (30), Diamond Walker (21) and Anthony Zane (22).


BreakSk8 is a group of guys from Indiana hoping to dazzle the judges with a new form of break dancing on roller skates. The audience already loves BreakSk8’s moves, but Piers Morgan pushes his “X” button in the middle of the act. Piers wants the guys of BreakSk8 to lose the skates. But, Sharon Osbourne likes how different their act is. BreakSk8 ends up advancing to Las Vegas.

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