America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 1): Jabbawockeez

America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 1): Jabbawockeez

The Jabbawockeez are a dance crew and the winners from season one of America’s Best Dance Crew. They are orginally from San Diego and the crew that was established in the year 2003. They have a total of 12 members so far, but only 6 went to audition for the show. As the winners of season one, they received a grand prize of $100,000.

The Jabbawockeez are originally from San Diego. The eight original members are: Phil Tayag, Kevin Brewer, Joseph Larot, Rynan Paguio, Chris Gatdula, Randy Bernal, Ryan Ellis, and Gary Kendell. The four added members are: Ben Chung, Phi Nguyen, Saso Jimenez, and Eddie Gutierrez. The member that passed away was Gary Kendell. Jabbawockeez is the magnificent result of the “3 Musky” and Gary Kendall. The “3 Musky” is what Kevin Brewer, Phil Tayag, and Joseph Larot call themselves within the group. Gary Kendall was known as the “yoda” of the crew. He traveled though north and south California, bringing everyone together. He was the leader, and after he passed away, he became the inspiration for the crew on America’s Best Dance Crew. They made several debuts on the big screen and the small screen. They featured on America’s Got Talent in the year of 2007, but did not win. However, their futures made a huge U-turn when they had a chance to appear on America’s Best Dance Crew, a dance show developed by MTV. They won the first season, and since then made guest appearances on miTRL, BET Awards 2008, and the Asian Excellence Awards. Not only that, their big screen debut was on Step Up 2: The Streets. Rynan Paguio played a small part in the movie. In the movie, he was in the antagonist’s crew called the “410.” The full form of the Jabbawockeez, with mask and such, appeared in the movie much later towards the last dance off.
[edit] The 3 Musky

The Jabbawockeez crew is widely affiliated with other crews. Phil Tayag, Joe Larot and Kevin Brewer of the Jabbawockeez are known to be the The “3 Musky”. They have their own dance crews that they direct and manage in Sacramento and San Diego of California. Phil Tayag is a director of the Boogie Monstarz (Sacramento, CA). Joe Larot is a director of Press P.L.A.Y (Sacramento, CA). Kevin Brewer is a director of the Super Galactic Beat Manipulators (San Diego, CA) .

Jabbawockeez [JWZ], Boogie Monstarz [BMZ], Press P.L.A.Y [P.P],and Super Galactic Beat Manipulators [SGBM] are create the dance family named, “Family Royale”
edit Members

These are the members that appeared on the show:

* Rynan Shawn Paguio aka Kid Rainen
* Jeff Nguyen aka Phi
* Ben Chung aka B-Tek
* Kevin Brewer aka Keibee
* Phil Tayag aka Swaggerboy
* Chris Gatdula aka Cristylez

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