America’s Best Dance Crew 3: Quest Crew

America’s Best Dance Crew 3: Quest Crew

America’s Best Dance Crew 3: Quest Crew

Quest Crew is one of the dance crews competing on MTV’s reality competition series, “Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew 3.” Quest Crew is from Los Angeles, California and consists of Dominic Sandoval aka D-Trix (23 years old), Hok Konishi (24), Ryan Conferido (25), Ryan Feng (26), Steve Terada (24), Brian Hirano (26), and Victor Kim (22).

A group of friends who were pretty much spending all of their time together anyway, the members of Quest Crew are fun and entertaining. Each has substantial professional dance experience, performing on television shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “American Idol” to touring with the likes of Gloria Estefan and Sheila E.

Claiming that dance “lets me express my life through movement,” Hok says he’s motivated by “beauty, intricate minds, art, philosophy and nature,” as well as “weird creatures.” But Feng and others note that it’s the members of the crew continually push each other. Perhaps Ryanimay sums up Quest’s overall motivation in describing the crew as people who do what they love with no expectation of reward.”

Packed with sick tricks, the members of Quest Crew believe that they bring something special to the “America’s Best Dance Crew” stage. Steve cites moves like a “triple flash kick,” “T-Pike flash” and his own signature “Terada Grab” as part of the crew’s arsenal of unique, acrobatic flips and tricks.

With a preference for moving to the likes of James Brown, Busta Rhymes, Prince, Boyz II Men and Black Sheep, the members of Quest Crew prefer their beats old school, although at least one member confesses moving to the futuristic sound of Daft Punk is among his favorites.

“Win or lose, we just want to be memorable and inspirational,” says D- Trix. Adds Hok, “We will do what we think will entertain America the most. If the result follows, I will be happy with it!”

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