America’s Best Dance Crew 2: Super Cr3w

America’s Best Dance Crew 2: Super Cr3w

Super Cr3w is one of the dance crews competing on VH1’s reality series, “Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew 2.”

Super Cr3w is a conglomerate of b-boys from three West Coast dance crews—Full Force, Battle Monkeys and Knucklehead Zoo—who battled each other eight years ago and have been friends ever since. Heading into America’s Best Dance Crew 2, members Ronnie Rey, Do-Knock, Abenamar Honrubia, Rockadile, Alex Murda and Vex are ready to do battle and obliterate the competition.

But what exactly makes this crew so super? Well, for starters, they have traveled the world showing off their skills, having won countless competitions together and as solo dancers.

Despite the fact that he had heart surgery when he was 4 years old, Ronnie Rey came in first at Red Bull BC One World Championship in Johannesburg, South Africa. Do-Knock appeared on Star Search—and won!—while Abenamar Honrubia won Battle of the Year in 2005 and 2006.

But their individual accomplishments don’t stop there. Rockadile has won a whopping 35 competitions, including Underdog 3, What Lies Beneath, Who Runs the Deuce and Break It Down. Alex Murda was the IBE (Holland) one-on-one champion and the City Vs. City (Chicago) one-on-one champion. Meanwhile, racking up kudos of his own, Vex has no trouble keeping up with his counterparts and expressing himself onstage.

After watching their friends JabbaWockeeZ win season 1 of “America’s Best Dance Crew,” Super Cr3w decided to throw their hat in the ring. They think their versatility, unique brand of b-boy flavor and individual expertise gives them a leg up on the competition. As Ronnie Rey puts it, they’re shooting to be “bigger than the Backstreet Boys!”

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