My Big Love

This is one of the most beautiful Filipino movies I’ve ever seen. The story was about the chef and a gym trainer. The chef that was played by Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga played the rule of the gym trainer.

There was a dream girl of the chef that he wanted to get. But because he is fat it’s impossible for the girl to fall for him. By the way his dream girl was played by Kristine Hermosa.

So that this problem will be solved he hires a personal trainer to help lose his weight. While there working together they both fill closeness to each other.

Two years later, the personal trainer returns from working abroad, and the chef is fit and a highly-sought bachelor.

Two year past, the gym trainer back to the Philippines whose working from abroad and the chef also is now totally fit and so elegant on his dressing style.

One day the personal trainer and the chef have met. The personal trainer was amazed when he saw the chef which is now fit and handsome looking. But in this time the chef was already committed by his dream girl which is Kristine Hermosa. They were back bonding to each other.

Until time has come that he will choose the best girl for him: is it his dream girl, or the girl who loved him from the start.


~ by Frankie on 01/25/2010.

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