A Very Special Love: Pinoy Box Office Hit

This was one of the great movies in 2009. This movie makes me laugh out loud and of course make me feel in love. A Very Special Love is a combination of love and comedy. The story was very awesome it is about the rich handsome guy “John Lloyd Cruz” and the poor and ordinary girl “Sarah Geronimo”. The movie was very entertaining. And of course it was played by John Lloyd Cruz I know already that this movie will hit, and all Filipino would like it.

A Very Special Love

Somebody says that it will not hit to the Filipino taste. Because Sarah Geronimo played it and not Bea Alonzo. But the fans of John Lloyd Cruz were shocked because of the chemistry that the both stars have. They never thought that Sarah can act that well. They knew that she is a good singer but not a good actress. Now Sarah proves to every Filipino that she is not just a singer but an actress as well.

But the best part that makes Sarah unique on that movie is her Sun Dance. That part makes me laugh out loud and the part also that Sarah let John Lloyd Dance her Sun Dance just to forgive her.


~ by Frankie on 01/23/2010.

3 Responses to “A Very Special Love: Pinoy Box Office Hit”

  1. Are you campaigning your website sir Andrei Macabale..? This is not the place to be…..!!!

  2. I agree… payday cash advance boo!!!!!!!!…
    It’s a nice movie.. very funny and so “kilig”..
    nice one men..

  3. I love because hapi 2 watch

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